“Perhaps we shall learn, as we pass through this age, that the 'other self" is more powerful than the physical self we see when we look into a mirror.”
Napoleon Hill
Author of Think and Grow Rich
Andromagik Life Coaching


Every individual possess abilities within, unstoppable by any external factor. Most times, these abilities and  capabilities are never discovered or harnessed for success. The goal of Andromagik life coaching is to help you dig deep to discover your authentic self, break every potential stoppers, and set you up for undeniable success. While at this, we serve as accountability partners to see you through on implementation.

  • 6 standard sessions (2 or 3 months option).
  • 90 minutes per session, including guided meditation.
  • Workbook and 30 hours guided self-assessment.
  • Certified and practicing life coach.
  • Flexible (physical or virtual option).


The Andromagik consulting is targeted mainly at individuals stuck with ideas they need to bring to reality, and start-up businesses looking to navigate through their business ideation stage, create workable systems and structures, recruit the right fit, align employees to organization’s vision, and train their team to a level of competence in soft skills required and channeling energies to ensure business growth, profitability and sustainability

  • From ideation to startup, and startup to scale up.
  • Human resource consulting.
  • 3 - 6 months dedicated to structures and systems.
  • Networking opportunities with other startup business owners.
Andromagik Consulting
Finding Expressions


The Andromagik care club is a collection of support groups that allows room for the convergent of individuals with like minds to enjoy the liberty to experience a warm level of relaxation, the opportunities to express themselves without discrimination, share their innermost desires, troubles, difficulties, and other issues in their day to day lives. 

  • Curriculum and topic based discussions.
  • Annual membership subscription.
  • Saturday meetups.
  • Care and networking platforms and opportunities.


Creativity is one of the most underutilized form of therapy. The Andromagik craftsman /art expressionism is a platform created to help individuals simply have fun or harness talents discovered during the course of either of our services. This platform in collaboration with various creative institutions, allows for the exploration of arts and crafts interest, convert them into tangible/intangible but marketable products/services that would meet societal needs. 

  • 3 - 12 months training depending on craft option.
  • Subsidized training cost.
  • Art and craft startup and navigation support
  • Promotions and sales on our social media platforms.
Andromagik Art and Craft
book, pen, people


The Andromagik seminars, workshops and bootcamps are periodic and occurring at intervals within a year. They consist of expert teachings, discussions, questions and answer sessions, on issues related to purpose discovery and navigation, goal to success, happiness, relationships, global relevance, sexual abuse, personal development, and other pertinent societal issues. 

  • Flexible (Physical or virtual options).
  • Practical approaches to inculcate real life experience.
  • After-sale accountability partnership for a designated period.
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities.


The Andromagik events are to come up more frequently, with activities targeted at various spheres of art, craft and creativity. These will include but will not be limited to book readings, art exhibitions, and creative shows. 

coming soon, chalk, board

Special Edition

Our Special Package

Enroll into any two niches from the Andromagik Life Coaching, and join any one support group for free (valid for one year subscription only). 

Duration for two niches: 3 Months (12 weeks)