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Purpose and Ideation

idea, teamwork, thinkingThe vision of this seminar is to as much as possible, connect individuals with their purpose and invest in individuals the foundation to create winning ideas around these purposes discovered.

Your purpose is the authentic you – You, as designed to attain greatness, the apex of your life, the core reason of your existence, the part that impacts on other people. While it is made to seem far-fetched, it is not as far as the societal make belief, because even in the worse atmosphere and scenarios, one can attain their highest potential, capacity and purpose, if only they choose to leave their comfort zones and make an attempt to discover and create ideas, backing those attempts up with a genuine reason why, doing all it takes and sticking to it.

We look at purpose and ideation from the following points of view:

  • A Craftsman’s point of view: Designed for people who have passion for arts and crafts, and is yet to discover or has discovered a purpose in this field but seeks ways to navigate through and work around ideas. 
  • An Intrapreneurial point of view: Designed for those who don’t want to own a business but want to fulfil purpose by owing sub businesses, in other people’s business – intrapreneur. 
  • An Entrepreneurial point of view: Designed for those whose purpose is to create business and companies, and impact on lives through employment. 
  • An Educationist point of view: Designed for educationists or those whose purpose are tied to impacting on lives in the educational system.
  • A Talent point of view: Designed for people who feel their purpose is in line with their talents. 

Structure of Program:  This program holds two (2) times annually, first as a seminar in January and second as a  3 day workshop in July.  

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Fees: Seminars are virtual and for free, while workshops cost NGN 24.999.99

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On Being Human

The vision of this seminar is to in individuals to their highest selves, while creating a level of self-awareness about what they are going through, how to deal with them and stay sane while at that

Nothing beats the complexity, contradictions and mystery of being a Human, whether as a man, woman, youth, teenager or a child, this is because we are all part of the key essences of creation. We have within us, unidentified powers, underutilized potentials and unexplored capacity to create and recreate in this space, EARTH. Human nature is characterized by the pains of what should or shouldn’t be; the joy of fulfillment, the mistakes along the path, the connections that can make or mar; the puzzles of life that must fit. 

This seminar will help participants explore these powers, potentials and capacity. At the end of the seminar, participants will:

  • Connect to their highest and authentic selves, as designed from creation.
  • Gain powerful insights on how to manage their spiritual, physical, emotional, psychological and mental wellbeing.
  • Receive guidelines on how to navigate their careers and businesses, and still get time enough to build their homes and self.
  • Be able to build a network of people that supports each other, and in turn become better.

Structure of Program: This program holds three (3) times annually, as follows:

  • For Women (March)
  • For Men (June)
  • For Youths/Teens (August)

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Fee: Ranging from NGN 4,999.99 – NGN 14,999.99 depending on seminar focus

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Can you hear me!

Often times, we are trapped in the circle of life and webs of dream we go on and on without achieving. We stay oblivious to the fact that the time between when we set goals and make attempts or take steps to achieve those goals makes the big difference in the level of satisfaction derived from achievement.

Whether it is in your job, career, relationship or general life, not getting those goals done is as good as not having them at all. The negative implications of this breeds frustration and anger.

Our goal to success life coaching will help you dig deep into some cores, including but not limited to:

  • Wheel of Life
  • Goals Identification and classification 
  • Big enough reasons why
  • Unconditional dreams, desire and vision
  • Change cycle and resume
  • Bridge to your dreams
  • 30-60-365 / “Ta-da” list
  • Mastering accountability and commitment 
  • Taking actions and assessing results
  • Your 24 hours management
  • Motive stimulation and De-motives
  • Pain and Pleasure
  • Failure to Success

Structure of Program:  Weekly or Bi-Weekly Full Sessions and  30 hours self-assessment in line with each session covered

Least Total Sessions for Effective Result: For the most effective result, clients are expected to undergo at least 6 sessions with life coach at 60 minutes per session. 

Coaching Fee: Our fees ranges from NGN 5,000.00 – NGN 10,000.00 depending on unanimously agreed coaching niche.Pror

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