This is targeted for you, if you are a start-up (0 – 3 years) or an already existing business (4 years and above), looking to hire a perfect fit, to improve or design a working Human Resource department or structure. We have packages for prospective and current employees.

Prospective Employees: New Hires

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Recruitment and Selection: We take away the burden of recruiting from you! Our recruitment process commences with a department job analysis to identify potential need, drawing up of a detailed job description to avoid overlapping of duties, and key performance indicators.

In outsourcing, we utilize organization’s previous platforms to source for participants and/or introduce the use of our platforms. We then inculcate our five stage all-encompassing recruitment for fresh graduates and four stages for experienced hires. After final selections are made, we create a detailed offer of employment / appointment letter to include but not limited to salary breakdown, terms of employment, NDA, and KPI’s.

Inductions, Orientation and On-boarding: After the successful recruitment and selection, we offer a 1-2 weeks exercise to help familiarize and align new hires with organization’s structure, culture, departments, staff, vision, mission, core values and expectations, while experienced hires will have 1 week induction exercise. We provide an induction slide, templates, documentation processes and checklist.

Reference Search and Confirmation Exercises: We provide templates for conducting search on references presented by all employees (new and old), including previous employers. This is to confirm the competence of staff and ability to deliver.

Performance Management: We provide performance management services, including quarterly performance appraisals to keep staff abreast of expectations and spur them to improve performances, while creating a reward system for high fliers.

We provide the following documents and advisory support for Management on current staff to improve productivity, efficiency, commitment and ownership culture:

  • Updated job descriptions and responsibilities (Where necessary).
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) for all current staff in form of an addendum to existing contract.
  • Employee Code of Conducts.
  • Career mapping.
  • Attendance Registry, monitoring and penalty for defaulting.
  • Reporting system – daily and monthly activities report.
  • Letters for re-assignments, probation, query, engagement, disengagement, etc.
  • General staff and strategic meeting agendas and reporting templates.
  • Leave management system (policy and procedures).
  • Review and update basic statutory obligations like pension, HMO, NSITF, ITF (for confirmed staff).
  • Grievance handling procedures.
  • Staff ID and business cards.
  • Confidentiality agreements.
  • Staff motivational exercises.
  • Coaching for staff: CLICK HERE

Exit Management: This is to properly manage employee exit from the organization in a case of termination or resignation. We provide services for employee exit interviews and detailed exit and handover procedures. We also provide templates, including but not limited to clearance forms and interview document.

Current Employees

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Implementation Strategy

We will:

  • Implement the above strategies as either a HR Consultant or HR Business Partner.
  • Have a meeting with the Managing Director to discuss areas that needs improvement.
  • Undergo this strategy implementation and change management for a period of 6 months starting from date as approved by Company.
  • Have a periodic physical visit to Company (once in a week).
  • Be available for calls during this period.

Additionally, also advice the recruitment of an Administrative and HR assistant to understudy and be ready to take over after 6 months of our operation as your HR Consultant or Business Partners.

After Coaching Benefits

Opportunity to join our support group for “workaholics” at a discounted rate or inculcate the support group into organization’s curriculum.

Budgeting templates | Database update and management | Department wide advisory support, as needed | Customer experience management.