The AMC Craftsman is a platform that allows people explore their arts and crafts, convert them into tangible/intangible but marketable products that would meet a societal need. This arm of AMC promotes the creation, use and selling of indigenous items.

Andromagik Company's
Craftsman Structure

As of 70% of our life coaching session, clients will be exposed to various forms of indigenous arts and crafts. 

For clients with pre-selected areas of art and craft, we encourage brainstorming to find out if it is the best course of action and go with you on your purpose navigation journey

Visual Art

The visual arts are art forms such as painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics art, photography, video and film making,

Applied Art

The applied arts are all the arts that apply design and decoration to everyday and essentially practical objects. Art such as leather craft, automotive design, fashion design, woodwork, metalwork,interior design, and graphic design

Performing Art

Performing arts refers to forms of art in which artists use their voices, bodies or inanimate objects to convey artistic expression. Art such as dance, music and instrument training

As an Art Expressionism brand, we seek to link our clients to various forms of creatives (art and craft) based on our sessions of discovery with our clients during the life coaching sessions. This journey range from 3 to 9 months, depending on our mutually discovered art and craft area of interest, and our creative partners.

Furthermore, we support our creatives in the marketing of their products and services on our various platforms for sale, building a platform for starting out your entrepreneurial journey with our total support.

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Want to partner with us as a creative or craftsman?

If you are an indigenous creative, with the heart for people, that fancies this journey and will love a mutually beneficial collaboration. We are always looking for creative, passionate and interesting partners.