We do not discriminate based on gender, race, religious views, political stand, sexual orientation. We believe in mutual respect for every human and this is essential to continue membership at the Andromagik Company Care Club

The Andromagik Company Care Club is a collection of support groups that allows you converge with like minds, experience a warm level of relaxation, enjoy the liberty to express yourself, share your innermost desires, your pains, hurts, troubles, difficulties, and others issues pertinent to you in your day to day lives. This is for you if you are:

  1. Stuck, lost, feeling confused or having difficulties in discovering your purpose.
  2. Slowing delving into mental health distortion like fear, doubt, anxiety, depression, etc.
  3. Seeking support to make that big life decision.
  4. Losing faith in the fulfillment of your destiny or greater assignments.
  5. Experiencing imbalanced work life or lacking the motivation and zeal to press on.
  6. Feeling dissatisfied about any area of your life – career, relationship, family, etc.
  7. With artistic passion you are trying to identify or still feel the inability to grasp.
  8. Feeling abandoned, marginalized or irrelevant.
  9. Interested in growing their businesses.
  10. Interested in building and strengthening your network.
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Startup Business Owners

How to know if this is for you and addresses your need:

Do you own a start-up business? Is it so difficult to thrive in your business? Is it difficult to create your perfect niche? Or do you just want to meet with other business owners who would understand your “language”?

Topics for discussions for our support group for startup business owners and entrepreneurs will focus on building individuals basic skills on marketing (traditional and digital), networking, human resources management, team building, tax management, growth management, business sustainability and profitability, finance management, etc.

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How to know if this is for you and addresses your need:

Are you battling with an imbalanced work life? Do you feel inconsequential at work? Are you totally demotivated about work? Are you at the crossroad of the next step to take to live a fulfilling work life? Or do you just need a place to get to away from the busy 9-5?

Majority of our discussions here will be centered on work life balance, mental health at work, goal setting and actionable steps, making effective employees, career management and growth, expanding your streams of income, ideating as an intrapreneurs, managing your team, etc.

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Just an Escape

How to know if this is for you and addresses your need:

Are you just tired of everyone misunderstanding you? Do you often feel like leaving the world behind? Are you angry about everything around you? Do you feel the need for closure with people who can listen to you? Are you in search of positive energies? Or just need to feel relaxed and warmth outside your comfort zone?

Asides other activities that will help with a mindset shift and sanity build up, our discussions will be centered at mental wellbeing, winning the battles of depression, getting rid of anxiety, letting go of past hurts, forgiveness, finding happiness, etc.

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Dysfunctional Relationships

How to know if this is for you and addresses your need:

Do you have a history of being in a dysfunctional relationship with your partner, friends or family? Are you having difficulties forgiving or letting go of a past hurt from someone you once trusted? Do you sometimes feel trapped in dysfunctionalities?

Majority of our discussions here will be centered on letting go, forgiveness, retrieving back your power, breaking the chains, finding fulfillment within, etc.

Our support group is  a safe haven, void of any form of discrimination regardless of gender, orientation, religion, etc. and our team has been and is continuously groomed to respect individual’s peculiarities, differences, confidentiality and needs.

We also partner with key individuals and companies that come in to share their experiences on the various areas of our discussions. These relationships built are centered on getting you better than when you come in.

Meeting Structure

Meditations | Individual Story Telling |Expert Teachings | Discussions | Brainstorming Activities | Indoor or Outdoor Activities | Expression Activities | Saturday Meetup | Community Days Exercises | Games and Fun

Meeting days and location

Meetings are only held on Saturday for 3 Hours from 2:00pm to 5:00pm. Default location is the Andromagik Company but with each day’s plan, comes various locations. Locations are communicated prior to meetings.

Annual Membership Subscription

An annual membership subscription of NGN 36,000.00 for any support group option you opt for. Cost only covers for administrative purposes.

Additional Discounts: Should you decide to join more than one support group, speak to us for a 10% discount