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Andromagik Company is a collection of ideas conceived from 2015 to 2019, and finally brought into reality in 2020. Having discovered the institutional voids in Africa and particularly Nigeria, we came into existence to solve problems of youth idleness and neglect, underutilization of skills and talents, restructuring of individual mindsets towards themselves and the system at large, mental health issues related to purpose discovery (e.g. depression), and unemployment.

Meaning that we have gone beyond training and coaching to as much as creativity to improve the economy of Nigeria by promoting indigenous companies, brand exploration, usage and exportation

The world does not exist without innovation, and Andromagik Company has inculcated innovations in all of its approaches. Creativity, an underrated and underutilized form of therapy is a big deal to us. Ideas around our brands are continuously evolving according to perceived unmet needs in the society, in line with the reason behind the establishment of Andromagik Company

Andromagik Company consists of innovative sub brands, all of which are centered on improving general well-being and imbibing in the individuals, tools needed to help them operate at their highest individual capacity in various spheres of their lives (work, relationships, family and otherwise) – as Managers, Employers, Entrepreneurs, and Employees. We are out to recondition the mind of individuals towards channeling positive and negative energies into arts and crafts.

We are made up of energetic, passionate, people centered team members who having acquired experience based knowledge have come together to reshape Africa and particularly Nigeria. We are full of innovations, possibilities and positivity – all of which are designed specifically for you

To be the foremost indigenous brand training people to find expressions artistically.

To create a platform that allows individuals develop their aptitude, reshape their altitude towards life in general, discover and navigate their purpose and find expressions through various forms of arts and crafts


Love: The greatest of all commandments, the force of all things good and pure, and the important foundation our company is built on. At Andromagik Company love is our way of life and we translate love in all our brand ideas.

Empowerment: We believe in the process of empowering individuals to discover and claim their power, to overcome whatever road blocks are in their paths to success, and to develop mastery.

Community: Every human belong to a community, regardless of whom we are or where we come from. We are a community that believes in the idea of community and in impacting communities. We foster change and development that invariably produce a continuous cycle of better humans

Innovation: We understand the importance of creating innovative solution to problems, tackling challenges in various possible ways and that the world thrives in exploring novel ideas.

Team Spirit: The idea of having like minds work together on any project translates unity and where there is unity there is power to achieve. We live by and teach this

Integrity: We demonstrate integrity in what we say and by what we do, as we see it is as a core quality for a successful and happy life

Chinwe Ebere Nwosu

Founder and CEO

A Business Growth and Sustainability enthusiast, A Social Entrepreneur, A Thought Leader, and An Art Expressionist

Adebola Obiageli Abudu


A Change driver, skilled in Strategy and Business Development, with well over 12 years corporate experience

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