Although the concept of self-satisfaction differs one to another, as what A defines as satisfaction might not mean a thing to B. However, like every other thing in life, there exist major similar guides to achieving this fit. Generally, self-satisfaction happens when you are too pleased, fulfilling a need or a desire in an extremely positive way. You know it is satisfaction when a close observation of everything around you, not only causes you to smile but allows you to unconsciously look at the sky and whisper “Thank You”.

Not necessarily intertwined or dependent on each other but to live a satisfied life, understand the importance of the following:

UNDERSTANDING WHO YOU REALLY ARE: When you get to that stage when you’re tired of living life in circles, you’d understand the importance of this question ‘who am I”. Most of us just live life like we are just supposed to struggle, survive and die. One of the most important step to self-satisfaction is having a clear idea of who you are – your reason of creation. This is a process and we’d speak about in our next blog post.

DEFINING WHAT SELF-SATISFACTION IS TO YOU: Whatever you don’t have a clear definition of, you don’t truly experience. Even when it comes, you don’t know because you don’t have it defined, as a result, we lose hold of those important details that happens in our lives. So, define what self-satisfaction truly means to you. Clue: Is it buying a car? Is it completing your degree with a Second Class? Is it concluding that online course? Is it getting a promotion at your work place? Is it accomplishing a goal just in time? Whatever it is, define it.

HAVING WRITTEN DOWN GOALS: People with clear goals are 20% more satisfied in life. After defining what satisfaction means to you, write them down. Once done, write down goals you have to achieve to attain your definition of satisfaction and action steps you need to take. Review these goals progressively to know how far you have gone in your journey. Clue: Self-satisfaction is “buying a new house in Iyana-Ipaja area of Lagos state”. Goal will be as clear as “To build a three bedroom duplex apartment in Gowon Estate, Iyana-Ipaja before the end of 2028”. Actions to be taken will be as clear as “Automatic deduction of N250,000 every month out of my monthly salary of N450,000, to a fixed deposit account for the period of 7 years or find a reliable estate agent and discuss plans to make monthly deductions”

NEVER LOOKING DOWN ON YOUR MILESTONES: As you review your goal progression, compare from where you started from, rather than from other people’s life or expectations. Every new move you make towards achieving a goal is worth celebrating, as long as you keep moving, it is only a while before you get to that life of satisfaction. Clue: I am not where I want to be (building a house at Iyana-Ipaja) and after 2 years I’ve been able to only save up N5, 000,000 but I mean, that’s a lot compared to when I started from”. Celebrating a milestone will push you better than looking down on it ever will

TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF: You have to make conscious efforts to take care of yourself enough to experience self-satisfaction. This might be forever underemphasized. The best form of satisfaction, comes from within, so take care of within. Clue: Eat balanced meals, exercise the much you can, sleep well enough (not too much, not too little), make your bed when you wake up, keep your environment clean, maintain personal hygiene, smell good, select the contents you expose yourself to, stay sane and stay doing only things that put your health on a high frequency. Healthy habits give you a different level of satisfaction.

CREATING YOUR SAFE SPACE: We all need a place or an activity to call a “Safe Haven”. Your safe space is where or what you run to when you feel like sinking and get the feeling that you’re moving slower, than you’d have loved to. Clue: Your safe space is that corner in your house you go to re-strategize, that support group (Andromagik Care Club is created for this), it is that music list that keeps your mind calm, it is that TV or radio station you listen to when you need a charge, it is that gratitude list you draw up that reminds you to remain grateful regardless, it is also that affirmation list you read to yourself every morning and maybe night.

SURROUNDING YOURSELF WITH LIFTERS AND POSITIVITY: If you ever make the mistake of surrounding yourself with people who are negative, you’d spend the rest of your life never believing in anything you do. So, choose your circle carefully. Clue: Be with people who won’t watch you fall, people who would ask you why you stopped “moving”, people who tell you “impossibility is nothing, keep doing it and I got your back”, and actually mean it. Always pick up the signs, nobody pretends for too long. Let your discernment guide you.

KNOWING WHAT AND WHEN TO LET GO: When you hold on too long on things, you not only carry a lot of dead weights, you also lose focus. If it is not serving you again, let it all go but be very sure not to let the important things go. Clue: Forgive easily, release hurts and those who hurt you easily, pay attention to what is not serving you in your present journey to self-satisfaction even if it served you some years back. As a matter of fact, send a gift to someone whose hurt you find so hard to forgive and let go. The lesser the baggage, the easier the climbing process to self-satisfaction.

HELPING SOMEONE WHO CAN’T HELP YOU BACK: You don’t have to own the world to help or impact on someone. It is not about giving with the hope of a return but giving without any expectation at heart. Clue: Have a periodic visit to the orphanage, walk to that woman selling down the road and do something for her, help the less privileged randomly and cheerfully, help a subordinate without taking the glory for it, do something without necessary showing the world for approval except the goal is to motivate the world to follow suit.

KEEP GROWING: The more you grow, the more satisfied you get because growth exposes you to fresh opportunities of satisfaction. Clue: Take that course today, apply for that long procrastinated program, read those books you’ve piled up for years. Everything that gives your mind that surety that you you’re growing, do them.

Self-satisfaction is a continuous and conscious process, because whatever satisfies you today will change in 5 years, if not less. Progress instigates a change in what satisfaction will mean to you, so keep following the clues above. You should really be worried, if satisfaction never changes for y

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