GUARD YOUR MENTAL HEALTH – Post Peaceful Protest Sanity Tips

Mental Health is your psychological wellbeing – In layman language, your sanity! 

Indeed, everything we experience in life poses a benefit or a threat to our sanity, and judging from all that has been happening in Nigeria right now, it is almost difficult to stay sane. We have received countless messages from people about how they are losing their sanity and as a mental health ambassador, I have put together tips that will help you keep sane at a time like this, in no particular order. I hope it helps.

  • Be Content Selective: Yes, it is a natural human feeling to want to be in the know of just about any and everything. Realistically speaking, you know yourself and what is exactly above the line for your mental health – you know what you can and cannot handle (For me, I avoid seeing so much blood). Do not think to cross that boundary, do not even try. P:S – To those that post everything, insensitively, remember to put ‘viewers’ discretion’ at all times before posting gory details – be a brother’s keeper!
  • Pause: Oh, please for the Love of God, Pause. Stop seeing all of those gory details. Go offline, reprocess what you’ve seen before but do stop after the last scene like it’s a movie, take a nap – if insomnia has been a thing for you, your medicated and recommended pill in the right dosage might just help. Talking to someone about anything else is helpful too
  • Do Something You Like: Before it all started, there was something or a range of things that made you tick. Now is the time to distract your mind every now and then by finding solace in that/those things again. Always avoid the strenuous ones at a time like this.
  • Meditate to Quiet Your Mind: Breathe! If a nap is an unaffordable “commodity” at this time, meditate first and nap later. Get in a good position, practice the breathing technique (you know, just breathing in with four counts, holding your breathe with four counts and releasing it with four counts) – you could put your hand in your chest before doing this and drop it afterward, get a spot in your body were you feel your breathing the most and make it your “anchor point” – hold this and channel your positive energies to it. At this point, detach yourself from negative energies. 8 – 10 minutes won’t hurt for a meditation
  • Be Vulnerable: If you feel strongly the need to pour out, talk to someone psychologically stronger. You will always know them. Be sure to not assume anyone’s psychological stamina. In uncertainties, just write everything out. Write and Write and Write. Who knows, you might succeed in writing a book that would make history
  • Avoid People Who Do Not Speak Your ‘Language’: While it is so painful to still see people who act like they do not understand all that is going on, always resist the urge to ‘shalaye’. Meaning, stop explaining things, stop fighting people for their insensitivity – it is exhausting! If they are not good for your sanity at the time, un-follow and block. You can decide to revamp the friendship afterwards or not – up to you
  • Avoid Negations in Affirmation: Affirmations has always proven to be the most helpful way to connect with hope and your authentic self. Words like “I am staying alive and would watch it end successfully”, “I have the power to control my mind”, “I am mentally certain and stable” etc., 5 – 7 affirmations would do the trick. Avoid negation words like “not”, “never”, “won’t”, “don’t”, etc. Stay positively aligned
  • Be Thought Futuristic: It is more convenient to think sane and stay safe when you focus your mind on the future gain of these unexpected heartbreaking outcomes. The future is great! The future is bright! The future is powerful! Hold on to those as we move!
  • Drink Enough Water: Water has been shown to have natural tranquil properties, probably because it addresses dehydration effect in the body and the brain. Dehydration can weaken our thinking, perception and reasoning. Enough water helps you manage anxiety and give the feeling of relaxation. Keep a bottle of water by your side always.

Stay Alive Darling, Stay Safe, Stay Sane! I hope this helps!



Master Life Coach and CEO, Andromagik Company

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  1. I find out we (I mean my generation) are often times at rocket speed when it comes to sharing or retweeting posts on social media without cautioning viewers. This I’m highly guilty of . I do hope to work on that. Thanks ma.

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