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Finding Expressions Through Art

Do you know that a good number of people between 18 – 35 years struggle to discover and navigate their purposes, set actionable goals, find happiness, explore their skills and talents? Most even go through things they don’t talk about or even get like minds to understand them from their pain points.

Andromagik Company is a Nigerian based social enterprise in the service industry, into the business of helping and training people to consciously convey thoughts, feeling and emotions through use of imaginations to produce objects, forms, sounds or words intended to be appreciated aesthetically – as beautiful. 

Andromagik Company is an Art Expressionism Brand. In simplicity, we channel energies into Art

Nothing happens in your life that hasn't first happened in your mind.
Guard Your Thoughts.

Our Philosophy at the Andromagik Company is based on the belief that when we genuinely care for one person at a time, we can extend this to the society at large, and heal our world.

Innovative Sub Brand

Life Coaching and Consulting

The Andromagik Company Life Coaching is designed for individuals battling issues relating to purpose discovery and navigation, goal setting and happiness. Our consulting is targeted at start-up businesses looking to navigate through their business ideation stage, establishments and train their team towards a level of competence to excel in their business growth, profitability and sustainability

Care Club

The Andromagik Company Care Club is a support group that allows room for the convergent of individuals with like minds to enjoy the liberty to experience a warm level of relaxation, the opportunities to express themselves, share their innermost desires, their troubles and difficulties, and others issues pertinent to them in their day to day lives.


The Andromagik Company Craftsman is a platform that allows people explore their arts and crafts, convert them into tangible/intangible but marketable products that would meet a societal need. This arm of Andromagik Company promotes the creation, use and selling of indigenous items.

Seminars and Workshops

The Andromagik Company seminars and workshops are periodic, consisting of expert teachings, discussions, Q and A sessions focused on people becoming their highest selves. Examples are topics on purpose discovery and navigation, mental health, mindset, sexual abuse, and other pertinent societal issues.

"Every day, whether we live it right or wrong, we write stories, create patterns, and make memories... memories our future will hold us accountable for."
Founder and CEO